•  2_Salon_Santa_Cruz_Install_view_Kiosko_Gallery_2018.jpg

    Salón Santa Cruz at the Kiosko Gallery. Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 2018

  •  1_Rayo_Purita_Install_view_Crisis_Gallery_2018.jpg

    Rayo Purita at Crisis Gallery. Lima, 2018

  •  3_Blue_Eyes_Install_view_The_Ryder_Gallery_2018.jpg

    Blue Eyes at The Ryder Projects. London, 2018

  •  4_Platonic_display_Install_view_Gasworks_2017.jpg

    Platonic Display at Gasworks. London, 2017

  •  5_Roomate_Install_view_Kiosko_Gallery_2016.jpg

    Roomate at the Kiosko Gallery. Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 2016

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Andrés Pereira Paz 2018/19

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About Andrés

In his artistic practice, Andrés Pereira Paz (born in La Paz, Bolivia in 1986) explores how regional identities are constructed and changed from a global perspective. He is particularly concerned with the influence of Western power structures on the development of a collective identity of the inhabitants of the cultural area of the Andes from the 20th century to the present day. In his installations, collages and drawings, the artist questions postcolonial ways of thinking and perception that determine the identity construction of the Andean inhabitants from a Western perspective. In many of his artistic works he repeatedly uses traditional textiles from the Andes region, such as hand-embroidered Paracas fabrics from Peru, or tapestries and scarves from Bolivia, into whose structures the diverse cultures of the Andes region seem to be woven. By artistically reworking the textiles and attaching objects of daily use, the artist alienates the material from its traditional context of use and breaks with our viewing habits. In his analogue and digital collages, he also applies this method of decontextualizing and juxtaposition of various materials as well as the appropriation of various culturally connotated forms and patterns.

Andrés Pereira Paz lives and works between Lima and La Paz. He studied Visual Arts and Cultural Studies at the Hernando Siles Arts Academy in La Paz and at the Tres de Febrero University in Buenos Aires. His artistic work has been shown in numerous regional and international solo and group exhibitions. He was awarded diverse scholarships and participated in residence programmes in Bolivia, England, Chile, Argentina and Peru.

Exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien:

23 May to 16 June 2019
Opening 23 May 2019, 7pm

The constant shift in the sense of identity, set against the endless fluctuation of people and narratives, is the context in which Andrés Pereira Paz operates. His works examine the role that pre-Hispanic and postcolonial arts and crafts play in the construction of cultural identity. Appropriating Andean imagery, he explores how the collective and individual can both support and undermine one another in this process.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue (english).