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    Hands-on – intensive

  •  ZGI-kompakt_20140901_Abb03.jpg

    – spot-on,

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  •  ZGI-kompakt_20140901_Abb05.jpg


  •  ZGI-kompakt_20140901_Abb06.jpg

    with creative ideas

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    and pitch

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    including the top participants in each workshop.

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ZGI:kompakt – now available across Europe

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ZGI:kompakt – now available across Europe

Following a pilot phase in spring 2014, Social Entrepreneurship Akademie started the national roll-out of the programme in Germany in autumn 2014. By summer 2015, 14 workshops were organised which resulted in a total of 350 participants coming up with 70 ideas for social start-ups. 

Following the strong interest expressed by many European actors, ZGI:kompakt is now due to be established as an interdisciplinary meeting place for tomorrow’s innovators across Europe. Our focus is on partner universities in the crisis-torn countries of Europe that are particularly in need of social entrepreneurship. This approach produces a long-term leveraging effect. The first ZGI:kompakt event abroad was successfully held in Thessaloniki, Greece, with the second one to follow in Sofia, Bulgaria, in November 2015.

Dr. Martina Köchling
Programme Director Responsible Entrepreneurship