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    "Station Point" by Saba Innab in the ifa-Galerie Berlin, curated by Omar Berrada

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    "Station Point" by Saba Innab in the ifa-Galerie Berlin, curated by Omar Berrada

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    "Station Point" by Saba Innab in the ifa-Galerie Berlin, curated by Omar Berrada

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    "Station Point" by Saba Innab in the ifa-Galerie Berlin, curated by Omar Berrada

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    Omar Berrada


Omar Berrada 2019

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“Curators in Residence” grant scheme organised by KfW Stiftung in collaboration with the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa)

Omar Berrada is a writer and curator, and the director of Dar al-Ma’mûn, a library and artists residency in Marrakech. Previously, he organized public programs at Centre Pompidou, hosted shows on French national radio, ran Tangier’s International Book Salon, and co-directed Dubai’s Global Art Forum. He recently edited The Africans, a book on migration and racial politics in Morocco, and curated ‘Black Hands’, a solo show of M’barek Bouhchichi’s work at Kulte Gallery in Rabat. In 2016 he curated exhibitions at the Marrakech Biennale and at Witte de With in Rotterdam, centering on the work and archive of writer and filmmaker Ahmed Bouanani, whose posthumous history of Moroccan cinema he is currently editing. In 2017 Omar was the guest curator of the Abraaj Group Art Prize and a co-editor of Sharjah Biennial’s web journal tamawuj.org. He curated the 2018 editions of the 1-54 Forum, in New York and Marrakech. Currently living in New York, he teaches at The Cooper Union where he co-organizes the IDS Lecture Series.

During his three months residency, Omar Berrada curates an exhibtion with Saba Innab. 

Station Point - Mit den Augen vermessen

Artist: Saba Innab

Curator: Omar Berrada, „Curators in Residence“-programme of KfW Stiftung

ifa-Galerie | Berlin | 30.08.2019 – 01.12.2019


During his three months residency, Omar Berrada curates an exhibtion with Saba Innab.

Saba Innab is a Jordanian-Palestinian artist whose work builds upon her training and ongoing practice as an architect. It has developed both out of her personal experience of diaspora, and out of her participation, as a young architect, in the UN-led reconstruction of Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in Lebanon. Through drawings, architectural models and texts, it moves from concrete issues regarding the architecture of refugee camps, to larger philosophical and political questions about space, time, power, and survival. How to build without a land? What does it mean to dwell in temporariness? And what happens when such temporariness becomes a permanent condition? Innab’s work is an exploration of the notions of alienation and deterritorialization.

As an architect, Saba Innab calls attention to the complicity of architecture with structures of power. Art is her chosen tool to conduct this critique. It provides her with a vantage point from which to probe the tension between building and dwelling, between architecture and lived experiences of space. Her formal and theoretical research departs from a process of collecting. She collects different patterns of dwelling-in-temporariness, which she recognizes as architectural archetypes and know-hows that span geographically and territorially.

The current exhibition project is an extension of Saba Innab’s previous research. It looks at how our understanding of dwelling-in-temporariness is further complicated when juxtaposed with processes of modernization and modernity in the host countries. For instance, the historical moment of European modernity, which saw the rise of the notion of Nation-state, was also, in the Arab region, the moment of refuge and exile, which can be understood as an inscription of the colonial effect onto space. Therefore a central question that will guide our investigation is: how do Modernity and its canons look if we look at them from the permanent temporariness?

Saba Innab was born in Kuwait in 1980 and is currently an architect, urban researcher, and artist practicing out of Amman and Beirut. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture Engineering from the Jordan University of Science and Technology. Innab has worked as an architect with UNRWA on the reconstruction of Nahr el Bared Palestinian refugee Camp in the North of Lebanon, a project nominated for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2013. In 2014, she has received the visiting research fellowship initiated by Studio X Amman (GSAPP). Through painting, mapping, sculpture, model making and design, her work explores the suspended states between temporality and permanence, and is concerned with variable notions of dwelling and building and their political, spatial and poetic implications in language and architecture.


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