•  00-Street_Art_Brazil_Gais-2.jpg

    Gais bei der Arbeit

  •  01-Street_Art_Brazil_Guimaraes_Bockenheimer-Landstr-4.jpg

    Rimon Guimarães, Bauzaun am KfW-Gelände, Bockenheimer Landstraße 102-104, Frankfurt, 2013

  •  02-Street_Art_Brazil_Orion-5.jpg

    Alexandre Orion bei der Arbeit

  •  03-Street_Art_Brazil_Guimaraes-3.jpg

    Rimon Guimarães bei einer Arbeitspause

  •  04-Street_Art_Brazil_Baglione-1.jpg

    Herbert Baglione bei der Arbeit

  •  05-Street_Art_Brazil_Speto-6.jpg

    Speto bei der Arbeit


Street-Art Brazil

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KfW Stiftung is the main sponsor of the Street Art Brazil exhibition organised by SCHIRN Kunsthalle Frankfurt on occasion of the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair which featured Brazil as its guest of honour. The exhibition showcases the particularities of the Brazilian graffiti scene and brings it to life in Frankfurt – not in the gallery space of SCHIRN Kunsthalle but in the streets all over the city, including at one of KfW's very own offices: a spectacular painting by Rimon Guimarães is displayed along a temporary fence measuring 50 metres outside the KfW building at Bockenheimer Landstraße 102-104 that is currently undergoing construction work. Guimarães has previously been a special guest at the Graffiti Academy, an event organised by SCHIRN Kunsthalle and supported by KfW Stiftung at this very location in April 2013.

5 September to 27 October 2013

SCHIRN Kunsthalle Frankfurt
60311 Frankfurt

Dr. Nicola Müllerschön
Programme Manager Arts & Culture