•  BF_Elizabeth_Kobusinge_Karamagi.JPG

    Elizabeth Kobusinge Karamagi

  •  BF_Fadzai_Veronica_Muchemwa.JPG

    Fadzai Veronica Muchemwa

  •  Georgina_Maxim_BF_Residency_2020_Photo_credit_Olivia_Botha.jpg

    Georgina Maxim in front of her artwork

  •  Georgina_Maxim_BF_residency_Works_in_progress_Photo_credit_Olivia_Botha__1_.jpg

    Textile work by Georgina Maxim

  •  Fadzai_Muchemwa_BF_residency_Panel_Discussion__1_.JPG

    Panel Discussion organised by Fadzai Veronica Muchemwa

  •  Elizabeth_Karamagi_BF_residency_2019__5_.JPG

    Print by Elizabeth Kobusinge Karamagi

  •  Fadzai_Muchemwa_BF_residency_2019_Writing_workshop.jpg

    Writing Workshop organised by Fadzai Veronica Muchemwa

  •  Elizabeth_Karamagi_BF_residency_2019_Photo_credit_Olivia_Botha__1_.jpg

    Paperworks by Elizabeth Kobusinge Karamagi


Grant Holders 2019/20


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Georgina Maxim
Elizabeth Kobusinge Karamagi
Fadzai Veronica Muchemwa

Georgina Maxim is working as an artist and curator with over a decade of arts management and curatorial practice. From 2 February 2020 until 29 April 2020 she was on a 3-month residency at the Bag Factory as part of Art Connection Africa.

Maxim together with Misheck Masamvu co-founded Village Unhu in 2012, an artist collective space that has been providing studio spaces, exhibitions, workshops and residency programs for artists – young and professional. 

As an artist, Maxim’s work combines weaving, stitch work and the utilisation of found textiles creating objects that evade definition. Maxim describes her artistic work as ‘the memory of’. Maxim was a nominee of the Henrike Grohs Award (Goethe Institute, Abidjan) 2018, has exhibited extensively with works being collected internationally and regionally and currently is represented by the Sulger-Beul Gallery in London. She was selected to represent the Zimbabwean Pavilion at the 58th International Venice Biennale in 2019.

On April 25, Georgina Maxim will participate in a virtual open day of The Bag Factory's open studios. Furthermore, the panel discussion with the artists Andreas Andersson (Sweden) and Erla Haraldsdóttir (Iceland) will take place digitally online.


Video by Bag Factory, Johannesburg

Elizabeth Kobusinge Karamagi is a self-taught artist based in Kampala, Uganda. From 2 September 2019 until 30 November she was on a 3-month residency at the Bag Factory as part of Art Connection Africa.

Karamagis’ work is situated within the expression of personal emotions and the state of mind. While using various media, she explores her experiences with anxiety and depression. She explores mental health as illustrated by the interior worlds of women and has used art as a coping mechanism since 2016. 

Paints, ink and fabric on paper and canvas are combined to capture mood, emotion and perceived temperament. During her stay at the Bag Factory, Karamagi experimented with various printing techniques on hand-made paper in the local printing studio "Artist Proof Studio". She presented her works at a public open studio.

Fadzai Veronica Muchemwa is a researcher, writer and emerging curator working in Harare. She is currently the Curator for Education and Public Programming at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare. From 2 September 2019 until 30 November she was on a 3-month residency at the Bag Factory as part of Art Connection Africa.

Muchemwa’s interests lay in the history and memory of African storytelling, gender and sexuality in visual art, conceptual art, performance, new communities of protest and transgression, histories of cities, topographies of knowledge production and sites of transition. Fadzai is also interested in the diaspora and how it shapes the social fabric of the continent as well as how the global North has influenced trends in Africa. As an emerging curator, she has worked for numerous international projects, e.g. the Zimbabwe Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015.

During her residency in Johannesburg, she hosted a writing workshop with five cultural practitioners, who produced texts, along with interviews Muchemwa conducted with Johannesburg-based artists, for the publication Curating Johannesburg: rest.less, under siege/in transition. Muchemwa's residency culminated with the book launch and panel discussion titled 'The Violence of an Anxious Mind'.

Panel Discussion: The Violence of an Anxious Mind | 27 Nov 2019 | Bag Factory, Johannesburg

filmed and edited by Olivia Botha

Daniela Leykam
Programme Manager Arts & Culture