•  00-Carla_Zaccagnini_Impossible_but_Necessary.jpg

    Carla Zaccagnini working on her series "Impossible but Necessary: Après-coup", Berlin, 2013

  •  01-Carla_Zaccagnini_Impossible_but_Necessary_2.jpg

    Carla Zaccagnini, "Impossible but Necessary: Après-coup", 2010, frottage, pencil on paper (detail)

  •  02-Carla_Zaccagnini_If_this_street.jpg

    Carla Zaccagnini, Se essa rua fosse minha (If this street was mine), 2009. Participatory installation project in various cities (here Buenos Aires). Suggestions for modifying street signs by covering individual letters; instructions are painted on a wall and square stickers distributed in different sizes and colours.

  •  03-Carla_Zaccagnini_Phonetic_Alphabet.jpg

    Carla Zaccagnini, Alfabeto fonético (Phonetic alphabet), 2009. (with the help of Akio Aoki, Amilcar Packer, Birger Lipinski, Geir Haraldseth, Katharina Schlieben, Laercio Redondo, Lucas Lenglet, Olivia Plender, Raghavendra Rao, Runo Lagomarsino, Santiago Garcia Navarro, Sophia Tabatazde, Tatiana Larkina, Tove Storch and Unnar Örn) Creation and installation of a phonetic alphabet spelling words that have the same meaning in different languages. Here: Alfabeto Fonético Aplicado II: They paved a Panamericana and all I can see is the Darien Gap, 2010, anodised aluminium, 56 plates, each 20 x 60 cm, installation view for the exhibition Avenue of the Americas, LentSpace, New York

  •  04-Carla_Zaccagnini_NEU.jpg

    Carla Zaccagnini, Sobre um mesmo campo (On a same field), 2011 (detail) Classification of figurative elements on national flags: moons, suns, stars, constellations, maps, ships, buildings, trees, birds, mammals and dragons, weapons, shields, crowns. 13 elements, laser cut on paper


Carla Zaccagnini 2013/14

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About Carla

The Argentinian artist Carla Zaccagnini (born 1973 in Buenos Aires, lives and works in São Paulo and Malmö) draws on a broad range of artistic media and strategies for specific projects. Her works are characterised by a systematic engagement with verbal and visual communication and a playful exploration of new contexts and meanings. Zaccagnini's exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien shows drawings from the series "Impossible but Necessary: Après-coup" that she created while visiting the Soviet war memorial in Berlin-Treptow. Her eye had been caught by the reliefs depicting war scenes and explosions – moments that destroy material form and that for Zaccagnini represent abstract breaks in the narrative structure. Using the technique of "frottage", she took a rubbing from the uneven surface with paper and charcoal, thus converting her motifs into an abstract form and completely removing them from their original context. 

Education/selected grants:

2012pArtage, Flic en Flac, Mauritius
2011Beta Local, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2007 IAPSIS, Stockholm
2001–2004 Poéticas Visuais, Escola de Comunicação e Artes USP (Master)

Selected solo shows:

2013Pelas bordas, Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo
2011Plano de falla, Ignácio Liprandi Arte Contemporâneo, Buenos Aires

Selected group shows:

2014 8th Berlin Biennale, Berlin
2013 In Lines and Realignments, Simon Lee Gallery, London/Hongkong
2012Bénin Biennale, Cotonou
2012 Shanghai Biennale, City Pavilions, Shanghai
2011 Um outro lugar, MAM, São Paulo

Exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien:

Carla Zaccagnini – "Impossible but Necessary"

7 March to 30 March 2014
Opening 6 March 2014, 7pm


The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue (Portuguese/Spanish/English): 

Carla Zaccagnini – The Madman Sees What He Sees, with essays by Teresa Riccardi and Kiki Mazzucchelli, ed. by Nicola Müllerschön and Christoph Tannert, Dortmund: Kettler, 2014.