•  _c_Bassem_Saad_Sanja_Grozdanic_02_klein.jpg

    Bassem Saad und Sanja Grozdanic: Fellows from Frankfurt Moves!

  •  _c__Ali_Eyal-2_klein.jpg

    Ali Eyal: Frankfurt Moves! Fellow

  •  studiesonmovement-ghidahachicho02-02_klein.jpg

    Ghida Hachicho: Frankfurt Moves! Fellow

  •  Buehne_Frankfurt_LAB_Hanke_Wilsmann.jpg

    Hall 1 with Frankfurt LAB stage

  •  Eingang_Frankfurt_LAB_Hanke_Wilsmann.jpg

    Entrance to the Frankfurt LAB



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KfW Stiftung has initiated the programme Frankfurt Moves! In order to contribute to the diversity of the regional cultural landscape in Frankfurt am Main. Through residency programmes in cooperation with partners in the region and internationally, the programme aims to strengthen international contemporary artistic production, support young creative talents and stimulate intercultural exchange across national borders.

Frankfurt Moves! is initiated in cooperation with "This is not Lebanon. Festival for Visual Arts, Performance, Music & Talks" and complements the festival with four new productions in the field of dance and performing arts, which will be presented in Frankfurt during the festival. The festival in Frankfurt will be followed by a second part of the festival in Beirut in October 2021, in collaboration with the Goethe Institut Lebanon and Ashkal Alwan, a leading centre of the Lebanese arts scene.