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    The participants of the Short Stories Masterclass 2019 in Frankfurt.

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    The Short Stories Masterclass Frankfurt took place in October 2019.

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    A total of twelve participants were invited.

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    The three-day Masterclass was led by the author Adania Shibli.

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    As a platform for intercultural encounter, the workshop offered young writers from different Arabic-speaking regions the opportunity to connect with each other, ...

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    ... nurture literary networks, ...

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    ... discuss their work and exchange ideas.

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    Questions tied to the international publication process of literature such as editing and Translation were also addressed.

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    The workshop took place in the so-called reading salon of Villa 102.

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    KfW Stiftung has been cooperating with the Goethe Institute as part of the Short Stories Programme since 2014.


Frankfurt Masterclass 2019

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Within the framework of the programme series Short Stories, KfW Stiftung in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut in the MENA region will host for the first time a Masterclass in Frankfurt am Main from 11.-14.10.2019.

Finalists from the previous workshops in Cairo, Beirut and Jericho were invited to apply for the workshop which aims to supplement, deepen and further explore topics and methodologies of literary writing. Under the guidance of Palestinian author Adania Shibli questions tied to international publication process of literature will be addressed, such as editing and translation.

As a platform for intercultural encounter, the workshop will offer young writers from different Arabic speaking regions the opportunity to connect with each other, nurture literary networks, discuss their work and exchange ideas.

The authors of the Masterclass will also frame the public event "The Politics of Translation" on 14 October with a performance reading of their own texts. 

The authors of the Masterclass will also participate in the public Event "The Politics of Translation" on October 14 with a performance reading of their own texts.   

Salma Alhafi (Latakia), Widyan Almasarani (Beirut/Stuttgart), Asmaa El Shikh (Alexandria), Ameer Hamad (Jerusalem), Camellia Hussein (Cairo), Mai Kaloti (Jerusalem), Nahla Karam (Cairo), Ahmed Lotfy Aman (Mansoura), Abdalmuti I. A.Maqboul (Ramallah), Esraa Mokaidem (Cairo), Mira Sidawi (Beirut), Omaima Sobhi (Cairo)

Workshop leader:
Adiana Shibli (author and cultural scientist)

Daniela Leykam
Programme Manager Arts & Culture