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    TransCuratorial Academy (TCA) Phnom Penh, 2018

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    TransCuratorial Academy (TCA) Phnom Penh, 2018

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    TransCuratorial Academy (TCA) Phnom Penh, 2018

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    TransCuratorial Academy (TCA) Phnom Penh, 2018

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    TransCuratorial Academy (TCA) Phnom Penh, 2018

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    TransCuratorial Academy (TCA) Phnom Penh 2018, Visit to the art centre Kon Len Khnhom

  •  2018_SaSaArtProject_Translation_and_Transcuration_Keynote__by_Emily_Apter30.jpg

    TransCuratorial Academy (TCA) Phnom Penh 2018, Keynote Speech "Translation and Transcuration" by Emily Apter

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    TransCuratorial Academy (TCA) Phnom Penh 2018, field trip to the University in Phnom Penh

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    TransCuratorial Academy (TCA) Phnom Penh, participants and project lead, 2018


TCA Phnom Penh

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The TransCuratorial Academy (TCA) is an initiative of KfW Stiftung with the aim of advancing international knowledge transfer, networking and the development of the transcultural and transdisciplinary curatorial discourse. It is directed by Beatrice von Bismarck and Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer. The academy is structured in three chapters (Berlin, Mumbai, Phnom Penh), each of which is centered on a keyword in a five-day programme.

'Untranslatability' is the keyword of the TCA Phnom Penh, which is realised in collaboration with the artist-run space Sa Sa Art Projects. By inviting Emily Apter as the keynote speaker, the TCA follows its aim to introduce vital terms from neighbouring disciplines to the curatorial discourse. Furthermore, the programme includes presentations by the participating curators, workshops with the curators Vuth Lyno and Gridthiya Gaweewong and excursions to local art institutions. Participants of the TCA Mumbai will join the programme as alumni.

TransCuratorial Academy
Sa Sa Art Projects / Phnom Penh, 1-6 October 2018

Sa Sa Art Projects is a Cambodian artist-run space dedicated to experimental and critical contemporary art practices. Founded in 2010 by Stiev Selapak art collective, Sa Sa Art Projects operated from the historic White Building until 2017. At its new location, Sa Sa Art Projects has shifted toward a stronger engagement with Cambodian young artists and art graduates while continuing to build a deeper dialogue with artists within Asia through its creative education programs, exhibitions, its signature Pisaot artist residency, and other special collaborative projects.

Gökcan Demirkazık
Kathleen Ditzig
Abhijan Gupta
Wong Bing Hao
Đỗ Tường Linh
Roshan Kumar Mogali
Florencia Portocarrero
Nguyễn-Hoàng Quyên
Farid Rakun
Yean Reaksmey
Carolina Rito
Agnieszka Roguski
Maria Alicia Sarmiento

Keynote Speaker:
Emily Apter, Silver Professor of French and Comparative Literature at New York University (NYU)

Workshops with:
Vuth Lyno, artist, curator, Artistic Director of the artist-run Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh
Gridthiya Gaweewong, independent curator, Artistic Director of Jim Thompson House, Bangkok   

Alumni of TCA Mumbai:
Carolina Céron