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Partner Organisations

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Weiter Schreiben

Untold is a London based writer development programme for writers in areas of conflict and post-conflict. Local writers, who are currently unable to tell their stories beyond their immediate communities, have the opportunity to develop their writing; share their stories with wider communities in their own language; and reach new global audiences in translation.

Untold is further supported by the Bagri Foundation and the British Arts Council.

Twitter: @WritersUntold

Weiter Schreiben is a Berlin based platform for literature from areas of conflict and war zones. Weiterschreiben.jetzt(Writing on) is an online platform for authors in exile and those who cannot publish or continue to write in their home countries due to political conflicts. The project enables refugee writers, or those who live in these regions and who can no longer publish, to continue writing. Weiter Schreiben connects these writers with established authors in Germany. Together, they work in tandems on a long-term basis. Participating writers gain attention by publishing their texts on the platform weiterschreiben.jetzt, as well as through public readings and highly committed press work. In this way, they enrich the German literary and cultural discourse with their perspectives.

Weiter Schreiben is a project of WIR MACHEN DAS/wearedoingit e.V. and is funded by the Deutscher Literaturfonds and the Fondation Jan Michalski in cooperation with the Allianz Kulturstiftung.

Instagram: @weiterschreiben
Twitter: @wirmachendas_
Facebook: @wirmachendas.jetzt