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    Thabiso Sekgala, KfW Stiftung grant holder, in conversation with Dr. Yvette Mutumba, research curator at Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt

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    Dr. Yvette Mutumba, Thabiso Sekgala

  •  02-Symposium_Blick-ins_Publikum.jpg

    View of the audience

  •  03-Symposium_Tannert.jpg

    Christoph Tannert, artistic director at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

  •  04-Symposium_Hirsch.jpg

    Prof. Nikolaus Hirsch, former rector of Städelschule, Frankfurt

  •  05-Symposium_Ndikung.jpg

    Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, director of SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin

  •  06-Symposium_Schneemann.jpg

    Prof. Dr. Peter J. Schneemann, director of the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art History, University of Bern

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In Transit

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In Transit. Artists' journeys in today's globalised world

KfW Stiftung's new artists-in-residence programme for artists from Africa, Asia and Latin America serves as an opportunity to discuss the purpose of such sponsorship. What do artists, curators, critics and the public expect from patronage of the arts? Is it a relevant tool of cross-cultural transfer and networking? What are the conditions of artistic training and practice in today's globalised world? 

Initiator and moderator: Dr. Nicola Müllerschön

2pmBegrüßung (Dr. Edeltraud Leibrock, Vorstand KfW Stiftung)
14:15Von Hege und Pflege. Bericht aus der Praxis eines Künstlerhauses (Christoph Tannert, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin)
3pmMicromacro (Nikolaus Hirsch, Städelschule, Frankfurt)
16:15On Elasticity of Position(s) (Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin)
5pmThabiso Sekgala in conversation with Yvette Mutumba, Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt
7pmKünstliche Geografien (Peter J. Schneemann, Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Universität Bern)

28 March 2013, 2-8pm
Free admission

Villa 102
Bockenheimer Landstraße 102
60325 Frankfurt

Dr. Nicola Müllerschön
Programme Manager Arts & Culture