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    Raj Kamal Jha

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    Heikko Deutschmann

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    Panel: Heikko Deutschmann, Katharina Narbutovič, Raj Kamal Jha

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    Raj Kamal Jha

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    Heikko Deutschmann

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    Dr. Edeltraud Leibrock in conversation with Raj Kamal Jha

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    Dr. Ulrich Schröder in conversation with Heikko Deutschmann


Raj Kamal Jha

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In a reference to its literary past as Literaturhaus, the programme of events at Villa 102 was inaugurated by an evening with the Indian writer and journalist Raj Kamal Jha. Jha read extracts from his novels The Blue Bedspread and Fireproof in which he addresses controversial issues such as variations of domestic violence and the bloody conflict between Hindus and Muslims. In a conversation with Katharina Narbutovič, director of DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Programme, he talked about life in all its diversity in contemporary India. Passages from the novels read by Jha in English were followed by excerpts from the German translations delivered by the actor Heikko Deutschmann.

Villa 102 
Bockenheimer Landstraße 102 
60325 Frankfurt

Dr. Nicola Müllerschön
Programme Manager Arts & Culture