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    Interview with Alaa Al Aswany followed by a Panel Discussion with Lynn Gaspard, Elisabeth Jaquette, Piero Salabè and the author Adania Shibli on Oktober 14 at the Villa 102, Frankfurt am Main.

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    Participants of the Short Stories Masterclass, 2019.

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    Performance Reading

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    Performance Reading

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    Alaa Al Aswany with Daniel Medin.

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    Panel discussion with Elisabeth Jaquette, Piero Salabè, Lynn Gaspard, Adania Shibli and Daniel Medin.

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    Adiana Shibli and Daniel Medin.

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    Lynn Gaspard

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    Elisabeth Jaquette and Piero Salabè.

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    James Tennant (Commonwealth Foundation) with Lynn Gaspard and Daniel Medin.


The Politics of Translation

Arabic Literatures in Europe

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