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GEO Biodiversity Day

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Since 2014, KfW Stiftung has been the main sponsor of GEO’s biodiversity day – the largest field research campaign in Central Europe. Its aim is to identify as many animals and plants as possible in a specific area within 24 hours and to show that biodiversity can actually be discovered on our doorstep. 

Over the last years, the programme has made a valuable contribution to the preservation and documentation of animals and plants by helping to rediscover several species which were considered to be extinct. Launched by the wildlife magazine GEO in 1999, the event attracts thousands of people every year – ranging from school children who are enthusiastic about nature to university professors. Not only experts are invited to take part: anyone interested in nature and environmental protection can join in. 

The purpose of GEO’s biodiversity day is to raise awareness for the local diversity of species and to rediscover the fascinating plant and animal life that is hidden just around the corner of our homes.