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    In the KfW's gardens, three bee colonies live in the midst of a natural environment rich in diversity.

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    A potpourri of herbs and wild plants thrives on the roof of the KfW building.

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    The bee colonies live a hidden life, but they are immensely popular with the KfW's employees.

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    The KfW Stiftung bee hotel for wild bees is used very frequently.


Bees of KfW Stiftung

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Frankfurt is buzzing

Frankfurt's urban nature is especially rich in variety. The city is the habitat of innumerable animals. A lot of buzzing goes on in the KfW gardens – they have been home to three bee colonies since 2011, in addition to plenty of wild bees. KfW has redesigned these representative gardens especially for the bees, ensuring diversity of species, planting bee-friendly plants and building a bee hotel for wild bees. Our buzzy friends make use of the biodiversity they find in Frankfurt's Palmengarten, a public garden located close to the KfW premises, to collect delicious nectar. In 2013, KfW Stiftung took over KfW's activities and has since been offering guided tours, honey tastings and honey sales for KfW employees and the interested public.

Pia Puljanic
Programme Manager Environment & Climate