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    Before the exam…

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    … and afterwards – with their certificates of a successful participation in the Conservation Spring School



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In spring of 2017, we were able to welcome scholarship holders from Peru, Guyana, Zimbabwe, Nepal and Indonesia in Frankfurt.

For all of them it was their first visit to Europe and accordingly they were all a little nervous on the first day. In addition to students from various German universities, there were participants from Prague and Vienna in the course. Their nervousness quickly disappeared on the second day when the course immediately started with an introduction into the Logical Framework method, demanding everyone’s attention.

The presence of the international scholarship holders was a real gain for the entire course, as they are already actively involved in nature conservation in their home countries and thus contributed valuable information from their experience in the field.

After four weeks of learning about many different topics, the participants had to take a final exam which all of them passed. 

During an additional week following the Spring School course, the international scholarship holders of KfW Stiftung worked on the project idea with which they had competed for the scholarship and now successfully applied the new methods they had learned.

A jury of experts selected three of the presented plans for implementation. 

  • Roxana Rojas will carry out her project in Peru to reduce the human-wildlife conflict between the population living in the Manu National Park and the Andean bear.

  • Sara Henry from Guyana will administer a structural project to establish systematic planning and implementation processes for nature reserves in her country.

  • Lovelater Sebele will address the topic of commercialisation vs. nature conservation in Zimbabwe.

Pia Puljanic
Programme Manager Environment and Climate