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    The new Kiwi Centre in the Frankfurt Zoo...

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    ...is located next to the breeding station, where the animals live and are raised.

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    After the opening ceremony...

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    ...the director of the zoo, Prof. Niekisch, explained the new Kiwi Centre and the exhibits.

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    A kiwi egg weighs twenty percent of a full-grown adult female.

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    The zoo keepers of the Kiwi Centre breed these very timid animals with great care.


Kiwi Centre

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Kiwis are flightless birds with nostrils at the tip of their long beaks. Frankfurt Zoo has bred them successfully since 1987. However, hardly anyone has paid any attention to them. In the zoo, the sensitive national icon of New Zealand has so far lived behind the scenes. From now on, the Kiwi Centre gives everyone the opportunity to find out why this animal has led such an inconspicuous life and what makes the nocturnal bird so exceptional. 

Since the public cannot see the timid, nocturnal kiwis in the zoo, the hatchery will be transformed into a "window to the kiwi world". Besides providing exciting information, the Kiwi Centre will help visitors understand how a modern, scientifically managed zoo is run. Exhibits, models and films convey a vivid impression of the kiwis. A big window overlooking the kiwi breeding station will deliver additional insight into the birds' nursery ground whenever the zookeepers weigh and measure the baby animals.

Pia Puljanic 
Programme Manager Environment & Climate