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    A garland of fruit for food games

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    The garland being fixed

  •  IMG_2737.JPG

    Golden Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia )

  •  IMG_2739.JPG

    The Golden Lion Tamarin with their youngest offspring


Nocturnal House

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The new information system in the nocturnal house

Why are some animals active at night? How does diurnal and nocturnal activity increase the diversity of a wildlife habitat? Which senses do you need for a life in darkness? What effects does light pollution have on our environment?  

The new information system in the nocturnal house at the Frankfurt Zoo provides graphic and exciting answers to these and even more questions. Ten new interactive information points, funded by KfW Stiftung, were installed in December 2016. During their tour of the house, visitors can discover the world of night monkeys, aardvarks and many others – the day/night cycle is reversed here.  

Animated cartoons, film clips, quizzes as well as original specimens of insects and animal skulls are used to present the information in an educational and fascinating way.  

The new system is designed to make the Grzimekhaus, the home of the nocturnal animals, built in 1978, not only more interesting, but also to raise awareness among visitors of the needs of nocturnal animals.

Pia Puljanic
Programme Manager Environment & Climate