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    The curious Humboldt penguins are exploring their new home.

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    The fascinating architecture captivates the visitors and makes an exploration on different levels possible.

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    In a big pool with different water depths the penguins can romp around.


Penguin Facility

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In May 2019 the new penguin facility of Frankfurt Zoo was opened after two and a half years of construction. The facility offers a new home to a Humboldt penguin colony of 30 to 40 breeding pairs through a modern and natural environment appropriate to the species. The endangered birds which live along the Pacific coast of northern Chile and Peru cope with the climate of Frankfurt very well which allows them to stay in the outside facilities for the entire year.

KfW Stiftung has supported the zoo pedagogics’ development of interactive boards and models which complete the facility with diverse information about the Humboldt penguins and their natural environment in an easy and delightful way. This allows the zoo visitors an exciting insight into the penguins’ world in addition to watching the animals. A very impressive detail, the visitor can learn there, is the fact that the penguins’ stomach amounts to up to one third of their body weight. This enables them to hunt for reserves.

Also, the educational installation draws attention to the causes of the species' endangerment and hands out some advice about how we as humans, the greatest danger to the Humboldt penguins, can protect them better.

Pia Puljanic

Programme Manager Environment & Climate