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    Materials for preschool children


Zoo school

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On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the zoo school, KfW Stiftung is offering support to the zoo for redecoration and modernisation. 

Apart from expanding the facilities, the topics of Great Apes, Predators and Jungle Animals were introduced as new educational focus areas. A specific learning programme for preschool children has been developed that offers education at a very young age and makes the children’s trip to the zoo a highly special experience. Raising awareness for, and learning about, nature is particularly important for young people as this has a lasting effect on their environmental stance: we only protect what we know and understand. 

The zoo school in Frankfurt was founded by the former director of the zoo, Professor Bernhard Grzimek, who had the idea that the animals in the zoo should be used for educational purposes. While similar institutions were already in existence in the US and in Moscow, it was the first zoo school to be set up in mainland Europe. This idea proved to be very effective as zoo schools have become the norm today.

Pia Puljanic 
Programme Manager Environment & Climate