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Frankfurt's botanical garden

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KfW Stiftung has joined forces with Frankfurt’s Botanical Garden to promote the conservation of endangered wild plants in the region of Hesse. In this project, 15 seed plants such as early sand grass (Mibora minima) and blue iris (Iris spuria) are planted on the grounds of the Botanical Garden. With the support of the competent authorities and nature conservation groups, they will later be reintroduced to the wild by being transplanted into their natural environment. 

The aim is to reduce the risk of extinction for these plants that are currently included on the Red List of endangered species. The regional government of Hesse has a particular responsibility for their conservation given their endangered status in Germany. The project is part of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC), a programme of the Convention on Biological Diversity. As a signatory of this international treaty, Germany has accepted its share of the responsibility for plant conservation.