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    (Mibora minima)

  •  kfw_stiftung_botgarten_2.jpg

    (Moenchia erecta)

  •  kfw_stiftung_botgarten_3.jpg

    (Nigella arvensis)

  •  kfw_stiftung_botgarten_5.jpg

    (Vicia orobus)

  •  kfw_stiftung_botgarten_6.jpg

    Jurinea cyanoides


Plants - conservation project

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The project kicks off with the arrival of spring. From the beginning of their annual growing cycle to autumn, plant experts collect seeds of the following plants: 
Allium strictum, Festuca duvalii, Fumana procumbens, Jurinea cyanoides, Mibora minima, Moenchia erecta, Nigella arvensis, Poa badensis, Scleranthus verticillatus, Iris spuria, Sedum villosum, Spergula pentandra, Ventenata dubia, Veronica acinifolia, Vicia orobus 
The project starts off with early sand grass (Mibora minima), reputed to be the smallest grass in the world. Its flowering season lasts from February to April. Growing on sandy soil, it is particularly common in southern Hesse.