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    Award 2017

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    A Trailer of "A plastic ocean" opens the Workshop.

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    Dr. Martin Wagner and Dr. Caroline Völcker explain how organism absorb microplastics.

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    Award winner Andrew Zaloumis is talking about his work in iSimangaliso.

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    Students discussing with experts of KfW Bankgruppe about possible soultions of the reduction of marine litter.

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    Bärbel Schäfer welcome the guest of the Award ceremony.

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    Debate on "The invisible crisis" - Our plastic waste in the world´s ocean.

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    Fanny Douvere, Coordinator of the UNESCO Marine Programme is presenting the award to Andrew Zaloumis for his tireless efforts in iSimangaliso.

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    Andrew Zaloumis, award winner of KfW-Bernhard-Grzimek-Preises 2017

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    The laureate together with Christian Grzimek, Dr. Lutz-Christian Funke, Board of KfW Stiftung, Dr. Bernd Siegfried, Managing Director of KfW Stiftung and participants of the debate.


The year 2017 in Review

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KfW-Bernhard-Grzimek-Preis 2017 awards Andrew Zaloumis, CEO of iSimangaliso Wetland Park

KfW Stiftung presents the biodiversity award KfW-Bernhard-Grzimek-Preis and EUR 50,000 in prize money for the third time. This year's award winner is the CEO of iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Andrew Zaloumis, whose ground-breaking work in one of South Africa's poorest regions sets an example for the future by uniting animal welfare and nature conservation with regional development.  

In order to raise awareness for environment protection and species conservation particularly among the young audience, KfW Stiftung invites students from six technical (MINT) secondary schools in Frankfurt to meet the winner in the afternoon of the award ceremony. Teenagers interested in learning more about the connections between the Western lifestyle, its impact on the global environment and local nature conservation discuss these issues with Andrew Zaloumis and scientists from Goethe University Frankfurt. Special attention is given to the problem of plastic waste and its harmful effects on the world's oceans.  

The following panel discussion, addressing this topic as well, will open the evening's festive ceremony: Under the title "The invisible crisis – our plastic waste in the world's seas", the winner Andrew Zaloumis, engages in a debate about our global responsibility and the regional consequences with Lucienne Damm, environmental manager at the cruise company TUI Cruises, Frank Schweikert, founder of the German Ocean Foundation and board member of the Federal Association for ocean waste, and Jo Ruxton, producer of the documentary film "A Plastic Ocean". 

Afterwards, the award is presented to Mr Zaloumis in a festive ceremony. The laudatory speech is given by Dr Fanny Douvere, coordinator of the UNESCO Marine Programme in Paris.