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    Herbs in a display planter.

  •  Abb_2_Pflanzen_im_ersten_Jahrgang_nickendes_Leimkrau_und_Heidenelke_Pia_Puljanic.jpg

    New first-year plants: Silene nutans and Dianthus deltoides

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  •  Abb_4_Mitarbeiterinnen_der_Gaertnerei_Lisa_Farkas.jpg

    Gardeners with sunflowers


Plant nursery of Schlocker-Stiftung

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About the project

This is the foundation’s first interdisciplinary project that combines the issues of inclusion, responsible entrepreneurship and biodiversity.  

We support Werkstatt Schlocker-Stiftung, a workshop for the disabled, with the aim of assisting the workshop’s gardeners in establishing a product line featuring local wild perennials, which would help safeguard 30 gardening jobs for disabled people.  

The cultivation of local wild perennials will lead to the creation of new outlets, improving the prospects of Werkstatt Schlocker-Stiftung in the long term while simultaneously contributing to the preservation of local plant species. It has the potential of a pilot scheme that can be expanded to other workshops for disabled people. Apart from the gardening work itself, the project is also designed to raise awareness among the public for local wild perennials and their added value for the environment.