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    Those who dared were allowed to touch "Wotan Schorsch".

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    A boy is thrilled to read his adventures with "Wotan Schorsch" to the audience.

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    A girl describes the museum's large butterfly collection.

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    All children read their own story to the audience.

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    As a farewell present, the children receive a copy of their own book.


Book Project for children

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What was the world like 100 million years ago? And what do scientists actually do? How long will it take for an anaconda to be hungry again after it has eaten a capybara? Pupils from different child-care facilities in Frankfurt can get answers to this and many more questions from the experienced guides as well as from the scientists at the natural history museum Senckenberg Naturmuseum.

There are many exciting exhibits at Senckenberg Naturmuseum: ancient dinosaurs, giant whales, countless birds, and much more. Each of these exhibits has its own story to tell. What am I? Where do I come from? Why am I special?

The girls and boys of the "Buchkinder" courses write about these topics in the books that they create. First of all, during two visits the children get insights into the natural history museum. The second visit offers a special highlight: they take a peek behind the scenes of the museum and meet the scientists. Senckenberg scientists investigate the role of the many different species – of biodiversity – on earth. The pupils have the opportunity to get to know the scientists' work.

Following their visits, they participate in a children's book writing course held in their child-care facilities for several weeks, where they learn to put their impressions into words and images. Every child designs two pages for the publication, which helps them to develop their artistic and verbal skills. They present the finished book to their parents and friends during a reading at Senckenberg Naturmuseum. At the event, the children receive much applause for their outstanding performance, boosting their self-confidence.

So far six books have been created as part of this project.