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Event: African Perspectives - Writers and Literary Experts in Conversation
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Dealing with the pandemic

African Perspectives - Writers and Literary Experts in Conversation

12.10.2020, 2 - 5.30 pm

Together with Litprom we are looking forward to the event with Nii Parkes (Ghana/GB), Colleen Higgs (South Africa), José Eduardo Agualusa (Angola), Maaza Mengiste (Ethopia/USA), Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor (Kenya), Petina Gappah (Zimbabwe), and others.

The event will broadcasted online from Villa 102, in English with German subtitles. The detailed programme will be announced shortly.

Kindly supported by the Federal Foreign Office Germany and Translations House Loreen.

Whitepaper "Promoting and Supporting Social Entrepreneurs Effectively"

The publication provides start-up consultants with a practical overview of the particularities of impact-oriented business start-ups and the resulting special needs in the seed and post-foundation phase, especially when it comes to questions about financing, legal form, impact or taxes.

The whitepaper was developed in cooperation between the Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany (SEND), the KfW Stiftung, RKW Kompetenzzentrum, the Federal Association of German Centers for Innovation, Technology and Start-ups as well as the University of Trier.

The Whitepaper is the first part of the project "Fit for Social Enterprises", which SEND is conducting in partnership with the KfW Stiftung. The intention of the project is to anchor the topic of social entrepreneurship more firmly in the consulting and support landscape in Germany. To ensure that in the future founders will find an informed contact person and advice in their region, the handbook "Social Entrepreneurship Gründungsberatung" and the workshop series "Social Entrepreneurs Gut Beraten" will follow in the coming months. Furthermore, the publication of a website is planned (www.fit-fuer-sozialunternehmen.de, under construction), on which all information and resources on the topic will be assembled.

Download Whitepaper here: http://bit.ly/SocEntunterstuetzen  


Foundation commitment in the wake of the Corona crisis. An appeal from the Arbeitskreis Förderstiftungen

Foundations are indispensable partners for many organisations in the social, cultural, environmental or educational sectors when it comes to financing projects and services.

Now our funded organisations are directly and existentially affected by the Corona crisis. As foundations, we see it as our responsibility to support our funding partners in this exceptional situation.

We would like to express our gratitude and recognition to all our funded organisations and projects for their commitment in this difficult situation. We assure you that you can count on us as foundations:

  • We see it as our joint responsibility to support you in this crisis so that you can continue to work for your target groups during and after the epidemic.


  • We are open to your problems and concerns in order to find common solutions. We know that your usual working procedures have been turned upside down. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your time allows.

  • We are aware that you are currently unable to implement agreed projects and offers as planned. However, we will not reclaim promised funding, but are open to postpone projects, extend commitments and adjust activities.

  • We encourage you to find alternative formats for cancelled events or projects. Please consider what alternative ways and forms there may be. We will be happy to advise you on this - this way we can use the crisis as an opportunity together.

  • We understand if you are not able to deliver project reports in the usual quality in the current situation, and we will of course adjust deadlines and contents of due reports.

  • If disbursements are linked to certain results, goals or milestones that you cannot achieve due to the Corona crisis, we will still pay out agreed funding tranches.

  • We will check on a case-by-case basis whether we can change the earmarking of project-related subsidies or remove it altogether, in order to give you the opportunity to react flexibly to the crisis.

  • If our financial resources permit, we will make additional funding available over and above existing commitments and participate in emergency aid funds for particularly affected target groups.

  • We want to learn from this experience. We will therefore examine together with you how we as foundations can ensure that civil society organisations can better survive crisis situations in the future.

We call on other foundations, social investors and donors* to join us in this call.

The list of foundations that have signed so far can be found at