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The project "Fit for Social Entrepreneurs" is aimed at regional start-up consultants, chambers of industry and commerce, innovation and start-up centers, start-up consulting at universities and business development agencies. The intention behind the project is to anchor the topic of social entrepreneurship more firmly in the consulting and support landscape in Germany, in order to ensure that in the future founders will find an informed contact person and advice in their region.

Impact-driven founders are often faced with the challenge of finding tailored programmes and information on funding opportunities, contact persons and legal particularities. The planned measures are intended to give the first contact points for founders an in-depth introduction to the topic of social entrepreneurship with the aim of improving the advice given to Social Entrepreneurs and encouraging the provision of new support services.

The catalogue of measures contains:

  • A handbookon concrete steps of action with detailed information for start-up advisors. For an adequate counselling of Social Entrepreneurs, the handbook also contains best practices with advice for specific needs (e.g. impact model, financing).
  • A website www.fit-fuer-sozialunternehmen.de (in German only)as a central platform that offers an overview of available information and resources on topics such as funding opportunities, support organizations and best practices.
  • One-day workshops in which the participants gain deeper insights into the topic and also have the opportunity to consolidate what they have learned in practical exercises. Furthermore they can network with multipliers from their own region. Information on the dates offered can be found on the project's website.


Before the start of this project, a whitepaper has been published, providing start-up consultants with a practical overview of the particularities of impact-oriented business start-ups and the resulting special needs in the seed and post-foundation phase, especially when it comes to questions about financing, legal form, impact or taxes.

The whitepaper was developed in cooperation between the Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany (SEND), KfW Stiftung, RKW Kompetenzzentrum, the Federal Association of German Centers for Innovation, Technology and Start-ups as well as the University of Trier.

Download Whitepaper here: http://bit.ly/SocEntunterstuetzen