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    Each new cohort is welcomed with a public event at the Impact Factory.

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    On this day, the new Impact Factory teams get to know each other, can make contacts and network.

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    The teams regularly get the opportunity to present themselves in public events and can use the opportunity to network.



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The Impact Factory is offering a strong network of companies, welfare, universities, R&D institutions, friendly innovation labs, incubators, accelerators and other relevant players in the start-up world. Along with its network partners, it works to accelerate sustainable  projects, start-ups and initiatives in the region. The Impact Factory programmes are based on the individual and current development of the start-ups:

The participating teams have a solution idea for a relevant social problem with high potential. In this entry-level programme , they develop a workable business model with intensive support that meets the critical demands of stakeholders. In the process, they gradually approach the market reality in the Impact Factory test factory and reduce the risk of failure as well as the costs for the risk capital providers.

These teams have successfully completed the first test phase and now want to launch the model on the market. In different sessions they get support from developers, designers, finance, sales and marketing professionals. Whether it is the perfect pitch deck or a landing page for the first customers - the Impact Factory and the teams are working together on an individual go-to-market strategy.

The participants of Impact Factory's advanced programme are already one step further: they have already successfully tested their business model and have a prototype.

The Impact Factory's Fellow Programme includes start-ups that are already on the market and whose business ideas are more advanced.. The Fellows' business models are promising, but still need support in certain areas. In the Impact Factory, the Fellows gain access to relevant network partners and in return support the teams that are still at the beginning of their development.