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    The teams of the 4th batch were selected completely digitally in 2021.

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    At the boot camps, the teams receive individually organised coaching



The teams which were newly admitted in January are developing business ideas in the areas of mental and physical health, care, educational equity, sustainability and food safety, among others:

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Aktion Pink Bodyguard (Frankfurt am Main): App that helps people suffering from breast cancer to support their own recovery with physical training by monitoring individual vital data and avoiding under- or over-exertion.

Zeero (Düsseldorf): Platform for international marketing and sales for services that help companies quickly reduce climate-damaging emissions and implement climate neutrality.

ACTitude (Hamburg): Digital prevention service consisting of app and video courses, handouts and podcasts to increase mental flexibility in difficult situations.

Hack your Shack (Berlin): Inclusive peer-2-peer exchange platform for low-tech solutions, primarily targeting poverty-stricken people in the global south.

Pre-Sure Tech (Frankfurt am Main): Software for predicting and preventing building damage, thus minimizing health and psychological stress for residents and conserving resources in cities.

PhycoSystems (Dortmund): Hardware systems consisting of water reactors and LED lighting for the cost-effective, industrial cultivation of microalgae for the sustainable production of animal feed.


Easy Care Technology UG (Paderborn): app solution for home care that makes everyday life easier for seniors and their relatives around the clock with various features such as vital data monitoring, organizer and emergency functions.

Lylu GmbH (Darmstadt): Tablet app for seniors that presents the most common Internet content in a senior-friendly, uniform and clear manner.

Urbanhive (Münster): Smart vertical indoor farming systems for the home - for more sustainable and healthier vegetables, herbs and microgreens, and better air quality.

Sisu Health (Bayreuth): Digital platform that gives employees anonymous access to a wide range of preventive measures to benefit their mental health.

Kiron Digital Learning Solution GmbH (Berlin): Social software-as-a-service learning platform for digitization in education and learning.

Key2be.me (Berlin): Career orientation offerings based on videos and workshops with students in which people provide insights into their professions, coupled with user-specific mentoring.


All information on the teams of the last batches can be found on the German website of the Impact Factory Duisburg.