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    We are looking for visionary pioneers who come up with innovative solutions

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    to improve refugees' access to the job market.

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    A "Brückenbauer" grant is awarded for eight months...

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    ... includes coaching, professional consulting, workshops...

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    ... and co-working spaces at Social Impact Labs.

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    Opportunity to take part in a competition with the prospect of winning start-up money.


ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland

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Message Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel 2015

Job prospects for refugees

Human rights violations, crises and conflicts are forcing more and more people to leave their homes and to seek shelter abroad. When they arrive in Germany, these people need new and humane solutions that go beyond a simple welcome. Arriving means becoming part of a community. Arriving means creating connections and jointly exploring new perspectives. Arriving requires being ready to recognise and use the opportunities that exist for Germany.
This is where "ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland" comes into play. We are looking for start-ups willing to develop business models that help refugees become part of our society and economy by making use of their talents and skills, allowing them to take an active part in rebuilding their lives in a new country. 

Ever since its initiation in 2015, the project has been organized under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. 

The ANKOMMER programme of 2015/2016 involved an award ceremony with a price for three startups among the group of stipends. In 2016/2017, a bigger group of candidates is addressed as the new Special Impact Award is also presented to AndersGründer teams.


A joint initiative from KfW Stiftung and Social Impact gGmbH.

Message by Sigmar Gabriel Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy on the project "ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland" 2015

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are being forced to leave their home countries. They risk their lives fleeing from wars, civil strife, persecution, human rights violations, poverty and the violent destruction of their livelihoods. They come looking for an opportunity to build a new future in a foreign country. Additional efforts and substantial support are necessary to alleviate their plight and to manage the complex transition processes required. 

The large numbers of refugees arriving on our shores pose great social and economic challenges to Europe and Germany. These challenges cannot be addressed at the political or local level alone – the whole of society must work together. 

"ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland" is a project designed to help refugees integrate better into our society and economy. It supports innovative solutions and stimulates the creativity of social entrepreneurship with the aim of harnessing the skills of immigrants and creating new opportunities for them. Refugees thus stand a better chance of successful integration and are able to give fresh impetus to German society and businesses. By reinforcing our collective commitment and making them feel more welcome, refugees will become an integral part of our society. 

Refugees have changed the face of our country, potentially boosting its economic prospects. Germany may stand to benefit from its growing diversity. The project "ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland" supported by KfW Stiftung is a step on the way to achieving this aim. 

Sigmar Gabriel