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    The partners present the third cohort to the Frankfurt press.


The third year 2017/2018

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The third year

KfW Stiftung and Social Impact gGmbH are continuing their “ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland” programme with ten new start-up teams.

The applications submitted and the experience with this year's “ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland” grant holders showed again that social entrepreneurs are increasingly becoming an important part of Germany’s economic development and structure. Since 2015, many ideas and projects have been conceived and put into action that serve as a basis for further development and collaboration.

KfW Stiftung and Social Impact gGmbH have noted the following trends:

  • The restaurant and catering sector remains the most efficient way of integrating refugees into the economy.
  • Exchanging cultural values is essential to sustainable integration. 
  • Providing sheltered spaces facilitates the integration of refugee women, who are key to the integration of entire families.
  • Social start-ups are providing a comprehensive approach that lays the groundwork for economic integration.
  • Conflicts are no longer taboo.

The highlight of the 2018 “ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland” programme will be the Special Impact Award ceremony to be held in Frankfurt in October this year. As part of the Special Impact Award, which was created by KfW Stiftung and Social Impact gGmbH and awarded for the first time in 2017, a total of EUR 45,000 will be made available as start-up funding for:

  • A flagship project for the economic integration of refugees to be selected from among the new ANKOMMER teams who were awarded grants for 2017/2018.
  • A flagship project with exceptional social impact to be selected from among the future social entrepreneurs who are developing projects under the “AndersGründer” programme at the Social Impact Labs in Frankfurt and Duisburg with the support of KfW Stiftung.

For the third year running, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs will be the patron of the grant programme launched in 2015 to support social start-ups.