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    A new nationwide accelerator for impact-oriented start-ups is piloted.

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    Sébastien Martin and Kai Hübner (CEOs of the Impact Collective) with the partners of the project, KfW Stiftung and Beisheim Stiftung.

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    Partners and judges met in Frankfurt on April 5, 2019 in order to chose the first teams for the Impact Collective.

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    Jury in February 2020, left to right: Dr. Aischa Astou Saw, Moritz Kortekangas, Niklas Manhart, Kai Hübner, Sébastien Martin, Sonja Alt, Oliver Henrich



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Since January 2019, the foundations KfW Stiftung and Beisheim Stiftung support the Impact Collective gGmbH Accelerator in order to get promising start-ups into the proof-of-concept phase and lead them to a proof-of-market. It is designed to support selected non-profit Impact start-ups that have already founded or are preparing to do so individually in stabilising their entrepreneurial development and securing their sustainable marketability, also with a view to possible scaling. Hybrid business models are therefore gaining in importance.

In the pilot phase 2019-2020, selected start-ups will be intensively supported for up to 24 months in the areas of team building, product, sales, business and operating model. In the nationwide project, digital forms of communication will be used in addition to personal meetings.

In addition, for the first time, early-phase non-profit Impact start-ups will be brought together with early-phase for-profit start-ups with a clear focus on Impact. The strategic and operational support will be complemented by project-related corporate cooperations and meetings with Impact Investors.