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    The two-day "Train the Trainer" workshops support the Europe-wide scaling of SEA:start.

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    The modular agenda includes work in small groups, case studies and feedback rounds.

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    From the beginning, the participants have the opportunity to test the methods and techniques themselves.

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    The setting of the location is designed by the participants as their first practical exercise of the workshop on their own.


SEA:start - Train the Trainer-Workshops

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SEA:start - Train the Trainer Workshops

The Social Entrepreneurship Academy scales the SEA:start seminar offering with a specially developed "Train the Trainer" workshop format, which takes place annually for a maximum of 20 participants. The aim is to anchor the seminar in the curriculum of those universities where SEA:start has been successfully offered for students and staff with the support of the KfW Foundation - nationally and Europe-wide. After the two-day training, the participating university representatives and coaches can carry out the application-oriented workshop themselves at their university. In an interactive and exciting way, the speakers of the SEA will impart methods and instruments with which the participants can support the creation of ideas and the implementation of social start-up models. At the same time, they will become part of the SEA's international university network.

In November 2018, the seminar took place for the first time at the premises of KfW in Frankfurt am Main.