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    The Special Impact Award – awarded in the categories ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland, AndersGründer and Community


Special Impact Award

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The Award for Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs increasingly play a vital role in Germany's economic development and their innovative ideas are crucial to solving pressing social problems. 

In order to highlight their importance in ensuring society's future prosperity and to actively support their work, KfW Stiftung and Social Impact gGmbH have established the Special Impact Award. 

The Special Impact Award is part of the programmes ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland and AndersGründer which provide stipends and funding. They are a joint initiative launched by KfW Stiftung and Social Impact gGmbH and are carried out by the Social Impact Labs. 

The total prize money amounts to 45,000 EUR and is awarded in three categories: ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland, AndersGründer and Community. The flagship projects of the programmes AndersGründer and ANKOMMER each receive 20,000 EUR in start-up money. The winning team of the category AndersGründer is selected subsequent to a live pitch during the event. In addition, the special Community prize of EUR 5,000 is awarded. In the run-up to the prize, the Community decides through online voting which team from the programmes AndersGründer and ANKOMMER. Perspektive Deutschland is to be awarded.  

The Special Impact Award was presented for the first time on 6 June 2017 in Frankfurt.