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    The Special Olympics are the world’s largest sports movement for people with intellectual and multiple disabilities

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    Pursuing a holistic approach - Health programme

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    Exercise for everybody - Non-competitive offer

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    Sports with a broad appeal

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    Performance in sports

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    Voluntary activity

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    Raising awareness and promoting training


Special Olympics Germany

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Building similarities

Education is the precondition for inclusion. Sports associations and disability organisations need to put in place proper structures and staffing to be able to provide individual support to people with intellectual and multiple disabilities. Professional care workers need to receive adequate training. In collaboration with KfW Stiftung, SOD has designed continuing and further education modules for specific sports that are used in hands-on training programmes. The aim is to develop practical skills in particular disciplines and to share general educational strategies and methods in sports for people with intellectual disabilities. SOD is a member of DOSB, which means that the training programmes are taken into account for the renewal of licences.