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MädchenbüroMilena e.V.

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MädchenbüroMilena e.V. originated from Mädchenbüro Frankfurt-Bockenheim, an intercultural institution for girls that is promoting equal opportunities for girls from an immigrant background and was established in 1996.


In October 2014, former participants and initiators of Mädchenbüro founded the detached organization in order to focus and bundle their successful integration activities to a one-stop institution. With the establishement of Café Milena, the organization now holds their own premises for women with a migration experience and their children. Since 2018, a new group for young girls has also come into being.


MädchenbüroMilena’s aim is to create an entirely innovative integration model that can adapt flexibly to social changes. On a medium-term, it shall be expanded to a so-called “Fusionshaus”. Its overall focus is to provide a protected space for women. With support of KfW Stiftung, the social and economic integration of girls and women will be further developed, according to their individual needs.