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    Manege gGmbH at Don-Bosco-Zentrum, a centre for young people in Berlin's district of Marzahn, offering education and a place to meet.

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    27 September 2013: Celebrating the launch of the child care programme for young unemployed parents...

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    ...which helps them to focus on their job qualifications or simply to enjoy some spare time for themselves.

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    A reliable place for young people – this is the guiding principle of the facility, open twenty-four seven, and of its employees.

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    Young people are offered individual help – thanks to the counselling bus that even visits unusual places.

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    Three meals a day, enjoyed together as a group, are part of the services provided – and are prepared in the training kitchen.

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    Space for children – with equipment selected by the young people themselves from the house-painter training course and the creative workshops.

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    The trial run of the new service provided by the company Manege gGmbH was successfully completed.


Manege gGmbH

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Child Care

Thanks to the child care provided by the company Manege gGmbH in the youth centre Don-Bosco-Zentrum, young unemployed mothers and fathers are presented with new opportunities. While continuing to benefit from public programmes helping them to qualify for jobs, and therefore to improve their prospects in the labour market, child care provides them with the necessary support and relief in everyday life. At times, the young parents are unable to cope with the double pressure of raising their children and of searching for jobs. That is why the foundation KfW Stiftung has decided to extend the important services provided by Manege gGmbH at Don-Bosco-Zentrum in Berlin's district of Marzahn. By including the child care programme and accompanying training courses, soon-to-be young mothers and fathers will receive an opportunity to prepare for the new stage in their lives.